About the Journal

Gender and the Genome is a peer-reviewed open access journal that explores how the new science of the 21st century is profoundly influenced by biological sex. Through evidence-based original research, reviews, perspectives, and commentaries, the Journal illuminates the impact of biological sex on technology and its effects on human life. The Journal’s international editorial board is comprised of the most forward-thinking leaders in gender-specific medicine to engage the community of molecular biologists, engineers, ethicists, anthropologists, and legal experts in a dialogue about the nature and implications of 21st-century technology.


Gender and the Genome coverage includes:

  1. Sex-specific differences in genomic, cellular, tissue, and whole animal function
  2. New life forms generated by synthetic biology
  3. Technological advances meant to enhance the function in humans, whether compromised by disease/injury or in normal individuals
  4. Manufacture and usefulness of robotic devices
  5. Commentaries by ethicists, theologians, anthropologists, epidemiologists, and sociologists/social scientists on the achievements of 21st-century science to alter the genome, create new life forms, and develop technologically enhanced humans


Gender and the Genome is under the editorial leadership of Editor-in-Chief Marianne J. Legato, MD, PhD (hon. c.), FACP, Emerita Professor of Clinical Medicine, Columbia University; Adjunct Professor of Medicine, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine; and Founder, Foundation for Gender-Specific Medicine; and other leading investigators.


Gender and the Genome is the Official Journal of The Foundation for Gender-Specific Medicine.