Author Guidelines

Journal Press India (JPI) Guidelines for Authors and Ethics policy 

"JPI invites original and unpublished manuscripts in the areas of commerce, management, finance, accounting, international business, taxation, and Indian economy for its following bi-annual journals published from New Delhi."

VISION: Journal of Indian Taxation           
PRAGATI: Journal of Indian Economy           
FOCUS: Journal of International Business               
MUDRA: Journal of Finance and Accounting                    
MANTHAN: Journal of Commerce and Management

Following are the guidelines for authors who wish to submit their papers to the above-mentioned journals:  

  1. Please mention the name of the Journal for which the paper is intended.
  2. Papers submitted for consideration for publication in any of the Journals should be original and not published anywhere earlier.
  3. Every paper must be accompanied by a cover page which should include title of the paper, name(s) of the author(s) and their affiliations, and the complete postal and e-mail addresses and telephone numbers of the corresponding author.
  4. The recommended length of a paper should be around 8,000 words inclusive of all notes, references, tables and appendices.
  5. All papers should be accompanied by an abstract (100 to 150 words) and 5-6 key words.
  6. Papers should be prepared and submitted in text format (MS-Word) following U.K. spellings, using Times New Roman font of 12 size, and A4 format with 1.5   line spacing. Please note that PDF versions are not accepted.
  7. Figures or graphs should not be in coloured format.
  8. Referencing style: Authors are requested to follow the APA (American Psychological Association) style of referencing.
  9. Examples
    Dunning, J.H. (1993). Multinational enterprises and the global economy. Wockingham, England: Addison-Wesley.
    Boskin, Michael J., & Gale, William G. (1987). New results on the effects of tax policy on the international location of investment. In Martin Feldstein (Ed.), The effects of taxation on capital accumulation(pp.201-219), Chicago: University of Chicago Press.
    Makino,S, Lau, C.M, & Yeh, R.S (2002). Asset exploitation versus asset seeking: Implications for location choice of foreign direct investment from newly industrialised economies. Journal of International Business Studies, 33(3), 403-421.
  10. Authors should make their paper submissions by sending a soft copy of the paper through e-mail at [email protected].
  11. Ethics policy: Contributors to the Journals of JPI are advised to be careful as not to violate any of the provisions of the Copyright Act and the Rules made thereof as regards the material used in the papers or their sources. JPI will not be responsible for any violations or lapses on the part of the contributors in this regard. On acceptance of a paper, the contributor has to sign a copyright form, which lays down the detailed ethics policy in this regard.
  12. Peer-review: JPI reserves the right to make suitable editorial changes in the papers submitted and accepted for publication. All papers submitted would be subject to JPI's refereeing system. JPI follows a double-blind peer review system for selecting articles to be published.
  13. JPI encourages publishing in its Journals brief write-ups on subjects of topical interest and book reviews of new publications.
  14. JPI would welcome comments and suggestions on the published papers.